Here Is A Complete List Of Over 1,300 Articles From Mint Error News

World's Greatest Mint Errors Published

An enjoyable resource packed full of some of the most dramatic, rare and extraordinary mint errors...

Foreigners in the Mint

The United States Mint struck coins for foreign countries starting in 1833...

Prices Realized in the September 2020 Heritage Auction of the Bob R. Simpson Collection

The following coins sold in the September 2020 Important Selections from the Bob R. Simpson Collection...

Certified but Not Graded: Adjustment Strikes, Struck Thrus & Other Mint Errors

There are a few types of error coins that are eligible for NGC certification, but do not receive a grade...

Extremely Rare German 5 Mark Overdate

The most likely scenario is that the Mint used a leftover 1931 dated 5 Mark Oak Tree die...

Prices Realized in the August 2020 Error Coinage Special Online Heritage Auction

The following coins sold in the August 2020 Error Coinage US Coins Special Monthly Auction...

Counterfeit Detection: 1942 Lincoln Cent Mint Error

What looks like a double strike will make you do a double take, but it's not real...

Collectors are Collecting Errors!

Well, we're starting to see some "reopening" of businesses across the U.S...

Counterfeit Detection: 1955 Doubled-Die Obverse Cent

This off-center coin proved too good to be true...

Prices Realized in The September 2020 Heritage US Coins Signature Auction

The following coins sold in the September 2020 US Coins Signature Auction...

Extremely Rare "Peacock" Variant 150 Yuan 20oz Silver Coin

An exceptional and nearly flawless example of this important variant of the "Peacock" 150 Yuan...

1913 Type Two Buffalo Nickel Struck on a Half Eagle Planchet

It is undeniably a remarkable and unique coin that would command attention with every appearance...

Unique German Third Reich Matte Proof Set in Silver

It is amazing that this set survived World War II and was preserved for 8 decades...

Error Coin Sidelines George Washington

George Washington has been relegated to the sidelines on a fabulous error coin that Heritage will be offering...

Unique Standard Silver Dime Off-Metal Proof Pattern

This is a unique and spectacular mint error, a proof pattern off-metal...

Canadian Specimen Uniface Trial Strikes

The following Canadian Elizabeth II Specimen Uniface Trial Strikes are featured in the upcoming October 2020 World & Ancient Coins Platinum and Signature Online Auction...

Mated Pair of 1974-S Lincoln Cents Struck by 2 U.S. Cent Obverse Dies

It stands alone in a class by itself in terms of rarity and fascination and combines an incredible...

A 1970s Mistake Becomes a 2020 Prize

First, this is supposed to be a dollar but was struck on a Half Dollar planchet...

Two Heads Are Better Than One

Discovered by the coin community only in the year 2000, the Double-Headed Indian Cent is so new to the scene that it is not yet listed...

Fascinating Die Cap Error Stars in Simpson Collection

This coin is amazing because of its huge starburst appearance...

NGC Certifies Amazing & Unique Proof Ike Dollar Mated Pair With Two Different Off-Metals

This amazing unique discovery is the only known off-metal mated pair on any U.S. proof coinage that combines two different off-metals...

U.S. Proof Quarter Overstruck on Canadian George V Quarter

This unique 1970-S Proof Quarter from the United States was overstruck on a Canadian Quarter that circulated during the reign of King George V from 1911-1936...

Proof 1977-S Nickel Overstruck on 1977-S Dime Double Denomination with Two Dates

This is the only double denomination of the four known showing two dates...

Unique Proof Kennedy Half Dollar Double Denomination

This newly discovered and certified Proof Kennedy Half Dollar on a struck Washington Quarter is the only known...

Not Just Heads Or Tails

This amazing error coin that is part of Heritage's August Auction combines several mistakes...

Unique 1977 Lincoln Cent Struck in Aluminum at The Philadelphia Mint

There are several possibilities as to how this unique Lincoln Cent was produced...

Mint Errors Featured in the August 2020 Error Coinage Special Online Heritage Auction

The following coins are in the August 2020 Error Coinage US Coins Special Monthly Auction #60160...

Prices Realized in the August 2020 U.S. Coins Signature Heritage Auction

The following coins sold in the August 2020 U.S. Coins Signature Auction #1318...

Prices Realized in the June 2020 Long Beach Heritage Auction

The following coins sold in the June 2020 Long Beach Expo US Coins Signature Auction #1316...

Amazing 2016 Shield Cent Multiple Mint Error

This amazingly rare modern cent major error coin has so much going on...

Netherlands Silver 1/2 Ducaton Pattern in Proof

The only known proof of these ducaton coins are the gold ones...

Unique Proof Double Denomination Bicentennial 1976-S Quarter Double Struck on a Struck Dime

This is the only known proof Bicentennial Quarter double struck over a struck Dime...

Set of 4 Weakly Struck American Eagles

Coins that are weakly struck occur when a coin is struck from the press with very little pressure...

Liberty Seated Dime Struck Off-Center With Obverse Partial Brockage

This is an amazing and unique combination of major errors on a Seated Dime...

Extremely Rare $50 Gold Eagle Double Struck Partial Collar

Major Mint Errors on the 1oz Gold U.S. $50 American Eagle series are very rare...

Unique California Fractional Gold Incomplete Punched Planchet

A fascinating aspect of this mint error is that the partially punched planchet is octagonally shaped...

Unique Pair of California Fractional Gold Clipped Planchets

This is the only known double clipped planchet on any fractional gold coin...

Spectacular State Quarter Die Cap

The die cap is so deep and the "exit strike" is at such an angle creating a shape like a baseball-cap...

Extremely Rare California Fractional Gold Overstrike

This is a unique 1863 California Fractional Gold 25¢ overstruck on a previously struck 1860/50 Gold 25¢...

Unique & Unlisted German 5 Mark Die Trial

This unique and unlisted Germany 5 Mark reverse trial strike is the adopted design in silver...

Unique Pattern 25¢ Major Mint Error

Major Mint Errors on Proof U.S. coins are rare...

Extremely Rare Buffalo Nickel Off-Metal

This amazing fully lustrous Buffalo Nickel struck on an Argentina 10 Centavos planchet...

American Bank Note Company Experimental Stamp Printing Plate

This experimental stamp printing plate from the American Bank Note Company is one of only two known...

Unique American Bank Note Company El Salvador Stamp Printing Plate

It features a set of all four different denominations of stamps on the plate...

Official Royal Mint Plaster for the Great Britain 1983 One Pound

This is a fascinating official Royal Mint plaster that was designed for the reverse of the new Great Britain 1983 One Pound coin...

Unique 1974-S Aluminum Cent

The Only 1974 Aluminum Cent that can be Privately Owned...

1938 New Rochelle Half Dollar PCGS Specimen 67+ CAC

This PCGS Specimen 67+ CAC is the second finest known...

2000-P "Mule" Sacagawea Dollar Reverse With States Quarter Obverse Census

There are now nineteen (19) confirmed specimens of the Sacagawea Dollar/Quarter Mule...

The Market is Adjusting and Moving Along

The coin collecting community and the dealers are for the most part, fairly close to business as usual...

NGC Certifies Unique 1952 Great Britain Penny

The only penny struck by the Royal Mint in 1952 is a numismatic unicorn...

Prices Realized in the April 2020 Error Coin Online Heritage Auction

The following coins sold in the April 15, 2020 Error Coinage US Coins Month-Long Online Auction...

Prices Realized in the April 2020 Central States Heritage Auction

The following coins sold in the April 2020 Central States US Coins Signature Auction - Dallas #1314...

1831 Proof Gold ½ Sovereign DOUBLE STRUCK

Interestingly, despite the high production standard for this Proof offering, its legends show faint traces of being double-struck...

Prices Realized in the April 2020 Central States Heritage Currency Auction

The following coins sold in the April 2020 Central States Currency Signature Auction - Dallas #3577...

Gold-Plated Brass Maple Leaf Die Trials in Lucite

This is a fascinating and historical set of Gold-Plated Brass Die Trials issued by the Royal Canadian Mint...

Unique Ike Dollar Multiple Mint Error

All Ike dollar off-metals are highly prized by serious collectors of major U.S. Mint Errors and collectors of Ike dollars...

Unique Bavarian Medal Gold Off-Metal Strike with Mint Engraving

The reverse includes six lines of hand engraving from the Bavarian Mint...

Unique Spanish 100 Reales Die Trials Struck in Gilt Copper

This is a unique and spectacular set of obverse and reverse die trials for Spain's 1856 Proof Gold 100 Reales...

Unique Double Struck 1904 $20 Liberty Rotated 180 Degrees in Collar

Major mint errors on U.S. gold coins are extremely rare...

Extremely Rare Bavarian Gold Service Medal

This is an amazing world-class numismatic treasure, combining several numismatic and historic factors...

Uncommon Walking Liberty Half Dollar Error Up For Bid

Considered by many to be one of the most attractive and artistic US coin designs...

Liberty Nickel Off-Metal Mint Errors Featured in the April 2020 Central States Heritage Auction

Heritage will be auctioning a few nickels that are only copper and contain no nickel at all...

Unique Dual Mint Mark Discovery Proof Bicentennial Quarter on Cent Double Denomination

This is the only known proof U.S. coin that shows two mint marks from two different U.S. Mints...

1973-S Proof Clad Ike Dollar Double Struck On A 50¢ Planchet

This is one of the most spectacular Proof Ike Dollar Mint Errors...

Proof Kennedy Half Dollar Double Struck on a Gas Token

This is an amazing and spectacular proof major mint error...

Unique Double Denomination Kennedy Half Dollar on a Quarter

It is the only known Kennedy Half Dollar from 1965-1970 struck on a struck Quarter...

Unique China One Ounce Gold Panda Partial Collar

This is the only known major striking error on the one ounce gold Panda coin...

Proof 1976-S Jefferson Nickel Obverse Cud (Die Break) Just Discovered

A few extremely rare Proof 1976-S (Bicentennial Year) Jefferson Nickel Cuds were just discovered...

Double Struck Broadstruck 1973-S Proof Clad Ike Dollar

This is an amazing double struck and broadstruck PROOF Ike Dollar...

Unique Proof Double Denomination Dual Date Bicentennial 1976-S Quarter on a Struck 1967 Dime

This is the only known proof Bicentennial Quarter struck over a Roosevelt Dime...

Mint Errors Featured In Upcoming 2020 Heritage Auctions

Heritage is putting together a fascinating assortment of error coins for the inaugural Monthly Error Coin Auction...

PMG Grades Mismatched Serial Number Error on US $20 Bill

A 2020 FUN Show attendee discovered the note in her change at the show...

Unique 1969-S Proof Dime Mated Pair

This is one of the most dramatic, fascinating and intriguing proof errors ever discovered...

NGC Certifies Pattern Coins from the Estate of US Mint Chief Engraver Charles E. Barber

The patterns were struck in the late 1800's as proposed coin designs and compositions...

The Northern Nevada Dollar Error Gallery

We enjoy collecting dollar errors because with as many dollars as we buy and sell day in and day out errors in this series are still rarely seen...

NGC-Certified 1831 Great Britain Coin Realizes $425,000 at CNG NYINC Auction

The gold rarity sold for more than twice its pre-sale estimate...

Learn Grading: What Is a Mint Error?

This installment in the series covers mint errors that can occur when something goes wrong with a coin's planchet...

Prices Realized in the January 2020 FUN Heritage Auction

The following coins sold in the January 2020 FUN US Coins Signature Auction...

Off-Center Lincoln Cent With Retained Wire Bristle

The reverse of this 1998 way off center cent has a struck in and retained wire bristle...

FUN Show Report January, 2020

We just got back from a very busy FUN show sunny and warm Orlando, Florida...

Lincoln Cent Cancelled in India?

One of our readers found this interesting Lincoln Cent that has been cancelled with a unique pattern...

Dual Country Double Denomination Panama 1c Double Struck on U.S. Lincoln Cent

The coin rotated 90 degrees with a beautiful second strike that is 30% off-center...

Pair of Ethiopia 10 Dollar Silvered Bronze Specimen Pattern Uniface Die Trials

They are a matched set of obverse and reverse uniface die trials from 1972...

Pair of Famous Lincoln Cent Mint Errors Brought Together Under One Owner

The ultra-rare NGC-certified Lutes and Wing 1943 Bronze Cents each recently realized more than $200,000...

Mint Errors Featured In Upcoming 2020 Heritage Auctions

The following mint errors are featured in the following upcoming Heritage Auctions...

Unique Canadian $20 Specimen Test Print

This incredible and unique test print is for the Canadian 1954 $20 face and back...

The Baltimore Coin Show: November 2019

Overall, the coin show was good, with a decent amount of both buying and selling...

Unique Off-Metal Canadian Mint Error

This unique Canadian 50˘ dated 1970 is struck on a 72% silver and 28% copper off-metal planchet...

A Collection of India Patterns & Die Trials

I recently acquired this set of patterns & die trials of a rare Baroda Rupee...

Unique & Unrecorded Proof Great Britain 1/2 Sovereign Gilt Reverse Pattern

This is a unique and unrecorded proof gilt reverse pattern for the 1831 Great Britain William IV 1/2 Sovereign...

Uruguayan "Two Tailed" Dual Date, One Peso Mule

Major errors from Uruguay are nearly unheard of and this is the first mule error from this country I have ever seen...

NGC Certifies Canada $15 Struck on Gold Planchet in Custom Multi-Coin Holder

One of the four-known 1992 Canadian "Spirit of the Generations" Olympic silver coins to be struck in pure gold...

1973-S Proof Clad Ike Dollar Double Struck On A 50¢ Planchet

This is one of the most spectacular Proof Ike Dollar Mint Errors of all time...

Pair of Gold Lincoln Medal Overstrikes Certified by NGC

This is a fascinating pair of gold overstruck coins with an enigmatic history and production...

PCGS Certifies German Gold Obverse Die Trial Strikes

It is amazing that after 500 years, this set of gold Die Trials remained together, intact and preserved in gem mint state condition...

PCGS Certifies Unique Standard Silver Pattern

This discovery coin was struck without Barber's initial on the ribbon...

NGC Certifies Unique Great Britain Crown Young Head Silver Die Trial

NGC recently authenticated and certified this unique Great Britain Silver Crown Die Trial Piedfort Pattern...

Unique Great Britain Proof Pattern Mule

This piece is the ONLY known certified example and the ONLY known piece as well...

Great Britain Britannia Proof Gold Mule

There are only 3 known authenticated and certified obverse mules on the Britannia Proof Gold Coin Series from Great Britain...

Unique Ethiopia Double Struck Gold Mule

All gold mules are rare and this mule is unique for several reasons...

A Summer Error Update

Overall the error market has been good...

Rare Sacagawea Dollar Mule Is Among NGC and PMG Collectibles in Long Beach Auctions

The rare and distinctive mint error combines the Sacagawea Dollar reverse and the Washington Quarter obverse...

Unique Great Britain Queen Elizabeth II Crown Trial Strike

This is a unique Crown die trial strike (1957) for preparing the copper-nickel Crown for Queen Elizabeth II in 1960...

Belgium Silver 50 Centimes Mule

The reverse die is dated 1899 but was incorrectly muled with an obverse die dated 1907...

Lincoln Cent Double Denomination Mint Error

It is the first year that dimes were struck in the clad composition and this is in demand in the 11-cent series...

1900 Indian Head Cent Multi-Struck 20% Off-Center On A Silver Dime Planchet

This unique and spectacular mint error was intentionally struck at the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia...

1882 Shield Nickel Struck On A Cent Planchet

This Shield Nickel was struck on a bronze planchet that the U.S. Mint intended to use for the production of Indian Cents...

Prices Realized in the August 2019 ANA Heritage Auction

The following mint errors sold in the August 14-18, 2019 ANA World's Fair of Money US Coins Signature Auction...

NGC Certifies Unique U.S. 25˘ Feeder Finger From The Denver Mint Grabener Press

This is the only known full-size feeder finger for any U.S. denomination that has not been struck by coin dies...

An Exciting Collection of Major Mint Error Coins

I wanted to share some exciting error coins with the readers of Mint Error News...

Unique Set of Mexico Proof Pattern Mint Errors

This is a unique, incredible and dramatic set of 5 proof pattern mint errors...

Legendary Wrong-Planchet Rarity Sells in Heritage Auction at FUN Show

The 1943 bronze Lincoln cent is listed among both the 100 Greatest U.S. Coins and the 100 Greatest U.S. Error Coins...

NGC Counterfeit Detection: 1954-D Quarter (Counterfeit Second Strike)

This coin is real, but the second strike error is not...

Unique Netherlands Gilt Cardboard Pattern

Most cardboard trials are struck on just one side, but this one is made like an actual coin...

Unique Mated Pair of U.S. Currency Errors

These $5 1950 notes stayed together during the entire printing and production process...

Here Is A Complete List Of Over 1,300 Articles From Mint Error News

Welcome to, bringing the latest mint error news and information to the collector. There are over 1,300 articles, features, discoveries, news stories, and mint error related info from the United States and around the World. The Mint Error News website has become the most popular and informative online resource for mint errors and is read by thousands of dealers and collectors.

Mike Byers is the Publisher and Editor of Mint Error News. Consultants to Mint Error News are numismatic experts recognized worldwide including Heritage Auctions, Dave Camire, Ron Guth, Marc Crane, Andy Lustig, Saul Teichman, Michael Faraone, Steven Contursi, Jeff Ylitalo, and Fred Weinberg (retired).


Mike ByersMike Byers ( is president of Mike Byers Inc. He has been a professional numismatist for over forty years. He is one of the largest dealers handling U.S. Gold Coins, Patterns and Rarities certified by PCGS and NGC. He has handled major coin collections and attends every major coin convention. Mike Byers carries an extensive inventory as well as solicits want lists and is always looking to purchase fresh inventory and collections. You can visit Mike Byers and view his rarities at the ANA, Central States, FUN show and the Long Beach Coin Expo.

Mike Byers was a consultant to ANACS for Mint Errors from 2000 to 2006. He is also the Owner, Publisher and Editor of Mint Error News Magazine and the Mint Error News Website that was founded in 2003. In 2009, Mike Byers published his first book, World's Greatest Mint Errors, which received the NLG Award for Best World Coin Book and is available on In 2016, Mike Byers was featured on Fox News in an interview with one of his unique mint errors.


Heritage AuctionsHeritage Auctions is the largest collectibles auctioneer and third largest auction house in the world, as well as the largest auction house founded in the U.S. We are also the undisputed Internet leader in our field, with more than 1 million online bidder-members registered on This loyal and growing community of collectors is a testament to the usefulness of our website, our reputation for professional business practices and our vast expertise in the field of art and collectibles.

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Dave CamireDave Camire is considered an authority on modern minting technology and production, specializing in mint errors and Chinese coins. He has visited many mints, both domestically and internationally, which is not only insightful but useful in his role as NGC Modern World Coin Grader and Finalizer. His knowledge of the minting process is helpful in distinguishing mint defects from damaged coins and establishing a coin's authenticity and grade.

Dave co-authored 100 Greatest U.S. Error Coins and has contributed to such numismatic publications as Coin World (honored with being listed as one of the 100 Most Influential People), COINage, Numismatic News, The Numismatist and the Red Book. He has been featured on National Public Radio (NPR) and seen on Good Morning America and the Discovery Channel.

Dave is also President of Numismatic Conservation Services (NCS). With his knowledge and expertise in coin conservation, he has been an active volunteer at the Smithsonian Institution's Museum of American History, helping to preserve the National Numismatic Collection and establishing key numismatic displays at the museum. A collector at heart, he has been collecting since he was 13 years old.

Dave Camire is a Consultant to Mint Error News for Mint Errors, Patterns and Die Trials.


Ron GuthRon Guth is a recognized authority on United States and German coins. He is a licensed Certified Public Accountant who has been involved professionally in numismatics for over fifty years as a collector, dealer, researcher, and writer. His books and articles have earned numerous awards, including the American Numismatic Association's Heath Literary award and the Olga & Wayte Raymond awards, the Numismatic Literary Guild's Best Numismatic Investment Book and Best Book of the Year awards, and the Professional Numismatic Guild's Best Book of the Year award. In 2003, Ron received the prestigious President's Award from the American Numismatic Association in recognition of his numerous contributions to numismatics. In 2021, Coin World named Ron as one of the Top Ten Most Influential People in Numismatics for the sixty-year period from 1960-2020.

Ron created the CoinFacts website (now PCGS CoinFacts) in 1999 and sold the website to Collectors Universe in 2004 (where it is now presented as PCGS CoinFacts. Ron served in various capacities at Collectors Universe, including Director of Numismatic Research, President of the Professional Coin Grading Service, and President of PCGS CoinFacts.

Currently, Ron serves as proprietor of and as Chief Investigator at the Numismatic Detective Agency, where he provides expert provenance on high-end coins.

Ron Guth is a Consultant to Mint Error News for Patterns and Die Trials.


Mike FaraoneMike Faraone is the owner of Mike Faraone Rare Coins in Las Vegas, Nevada. He previously was a grader at PCGS for 12 years after 11 years at ANACS.

He has taught grading at the ANA Summer Seminar for twenty years. Mike has lectured on Mint errors and Counterfeit protection at numerous coin shows across the country. He is a previous president of the National Silver Dollar Roundtable and served as editor of the NSDR Journal for over twenty years. Mike can be reached via e-mail at:

Mike Faraone is a Consultant to Mint Error News for Mint Errors, Patterns and Die Trials.


Marc CraneMarc Crane is a dealer specializing in rare U.S. coins and U.S. patterns. He started Marc One Numismatics, Inc. in 1991. He is a member of the PNG (#565).

Marc tied for 1st place in a PCGS grading contest and is considered a world-class grader and authenticator. He is a contributor to the Red Book and is permanently listed in the pattern section. His coin store in Rancho Mirage, CA is open to the public and he regularly attends coin shows and auctions across the country.

Marc Crane is a Consultant to Mint Error News for Patterns and Die Trials.


Andy LustigAndy Lustig has been dealing in U.S. and World Coins since 1975 and has attended more than 2,000 coin shows and auctions.

Andy is the co-founder of the Society of U.S. Pattern Collectors ( He has been a member of the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG #614) since 2005. He is a member of NGC and was also a former grader and authenticator for PCGS.

Andy was a speaker at the annual CSNS convention, presenting "Collecting Pattern Coinage." Andy was a major contributor to the 8th Edition of the Judd book.

Andy Lustig is a Consultant to Mint Error News for Mint Errors, Patterns and Die Trials.


Saul TeichmanSaul Teichman is a co-founder and primary contributor/editor of the Society of U.S. Pattern Collectors ( as well as contributor to the 8th Edition of the Judd book and Andrew Pollock's United States Patterns and Related Issues as well as many other books. He has been collecting primarily off-metal U.S. Mint errors for over 20 years and maintains extensive pedigree information for many error issues which have been published here in the past.

Saul Teichman is a Consultant to Mint Error News for Mint Errors, Patterns and Die Trials.


Steve ContursiRare Coin Wholesalers has the largest inventory of U.S. Rare Coins.

Founded in 2001, Rare Coin Wholesalers has transacted over $2 billion in U.S. rare coin business and is a recognized leader in acquiring, managing, and selling U.S. rare coins positioned for wealth preservation and capital growth.

Steven L. Contursi is a Consultant to Mint Error News for U.S. Patterns.


Jeff YlitaloJeff Ylitalo has collected Mint Error coins since 1993. He has avidly researched & written about this area of numismatics since 2006 contributing dozens of articles to CONECAs bi-monthly publication ErrorScope and Mint Error News. Jeff is the former editor for the ErrorScope 2008-2017.

Jeff's research and collecting focus is now primarily centered on World Error coins. Jeff can be reached via e-mail at:

Jeff Ylitalo is a Consultant to Mint Error News for Mint Errors.


Fred WeinbergFred Weinberg is a highly respected numismatist, with 40 years of full time experience in the rare coin marketplace.

He deals in numismatic United States Gold & Silver coinage, as well as specializing in buying & selling Major Mint Error coinage of all types.

He is one of the original 31 dealers selected as an authorized PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) dealer at it's inception in 1986.

Fred Weinberg has now retired and was a Consultant to Mint Error News for Mint Errors and Die Trials.

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