Prices Realized in August 2009 Los Angeles Heritage Auction

Editor's Note: The following coins were featured in the 2009 August Los Angeles, CA US Coin Auction #1128.

(1943) 1C Steel Cent--20% Curved and Straight Clip--MS62 PCGS

1964-D Lincoln Cent--Struck on a Dime Planchet--MS62 NGC

1966 1C Cent--Struck on a Clad Dime Planchet--MS65 PCGS

1981 1C Cent--Mated Pair--both coins graded MS63 Red and Brown NGC

1982 1C Small Date Cent-Struck on a Dime Planchet-MS65 Red PCGS

1986 1C Lincoln Cent--Struck on a 1986-P Dime--MS64 NGC

1995 1C Cent--Struck on a Foreign Planchet--MS62 Red and Brown NGC

1996 1C Cent--Struck on a Clad Dime Planchet--MS65 PCGS

1999 1C Lincoln Cent--Mated Pair, Broad and Double Struck with Brockage--Both coins graded MS64 Red ANACS

1998 1C Cent--Reverse Capped Die--MS64 Red NGC

1999 1C Cent--Mated Pair--Coin One grades MS64 Red PCGS; Coin Two grades MS65 Red PCGS

1999 1C Cent--Double Struck and 75% Indented--MS65 Red PCGS

1927 Nickel--Struck on 10% End of Strip, Ragged End Clip--MS61 PCGS

1957-D 5C Nickel--Struck on a Cent Planchet--VF35 PCGS

1958 5C Jefferson Nickel--Struck on Silver 10C Planchet--MS62 PCGS

1959 5C Nickel--Struck on a Cent Planchet--AU58 PCGS

1962-D 5C Nickel--Struck on a Silver Dime Planchet--AU55 PCGS

No Date 5C Jefferson Nickel--Multi-Struck, with Obverse Brockage-- MS66 Full Steps NGC

1968-D 5C Nickel--Struck on a Cent Planchet--AU58 PCGS

1969-D 5C Nickel--Struck on a Cent Planchet--MS64 Brown NGC. 3.1 grams

1974-D 5C Nickel--Struck on a Foreign Planchet--AU58 Red and Brown NGC

1978 5C Nickel--Struck on a Cent Planchet--MS65 Red and Brown NGC

1989-P 5C Nickel--Three Strikes, 70% and 90% Off-Center--MS64 PCGS

1945 10C Dime--Struck 10% Off-Center--MS62 PCGS

No Date 10C Roosevelt Dime--Struck on Copper Scrap, 7.5 grains--MS62 Red and Brown PCGS

1976-D 10C Dime--Multi-Struck, Overlapped, Third Strike 90% Off-Center--MS67 PCGS

1997-P 10C Dime--Two coin Matched Set-- Coin One grades MS64 PCGS and Coin Two grades MS66 PCGS

1950-S 25C Quarter--Struck on Underweight Planchet--MS66 NGC

1999-P 25C Georgia Quarter--Off-Center, Indent--MS63 ANACS

2000-P 25C Massachusetts Quarter--Struck on a 45 grain Scrap Planchet--MS66 PCGS

2000-D 25C South Carolina Quarter--Obverse Clad Layer Missing--MS64 PCGS

2000-P 25C Statehood Quarters New Hampshire--30% Off Center-- MS66 NGC

2001-D 25C Statehood Quarter, New York--Rev Clad Layer Missing-- MS62 PCGS
Reserve Not Met

2006-P 25C Nevada Quarter--22% Triple Clip Planchet--MS65 PCGS

1963-D 50C Franklin Half--Strk on Silver 25C Plan--AU58 PCGS
Reserve Not Met

2000-P $1 Sacagawea Dollar, Type Two--Blank Planchet--No Grade NGC

2000-P $1 Sacagawea Dollar--Partial Collar Strike--MS61 PCGS

1924 Double Eagle--Minor Obverse Lamination--MS62 PCGS

2006-S Old San Francisco Mint Five Dollar--Minor Planchet Flaw Reverse--PR68 Deep Cameo PCGS

1877 1C Cent--Struck on Venezuela One Centavo Planchet--MS61 NGC

Undated Bust Dime--Obverse Showing Mirror Brockage of Reverse--MS64 NGC
Reserve Not Met

1857 DT1C Flying Eagle Cent, Judd-187A, Pollock-224, R.8, PR64 PCGS

1879 $4 Flowing Hair Four Dollar, Judd-1636, Pollock-1834, Low R.7, PR63 Brown NGC

1879 $4 Coiled Hair Four Dollar, Judd-1640, Pollock-1840, High R.7, PR66 Cameo NGC

1880 $4 Coiled Hair Four Dollar, Judd-1661, Pollock-1861, Low R.7, PR64 Red and Brown NGC

1896 Indian Cent--Double Struck, 2nd Strike 85% Off Center--AU53 NGC

1918 1C Lincoln Cent--Double Struck, Second Strike 55% Off Center--MS65 Brown NGC

Undated Lincoln Memorial Cent--On Clad Dime Bow Tie Fragment--MS65 PCGS

1976-D Cent--Struck on a Copper-Nickel Planchet, Edge Damage--NCS. Unc Details

1996-D 1C Lincoln Cent--Double Denomination on a 1995-D Dime--MS65 PCGS

1999 1C Lincoln Cent--Struck on a 1999-P Dime--MS67 PCGS

1999-D 1C Lincoln Cent--Overstruck on a 1999-D Dime--MS65 PCGS

2000 1C Lincoln Cent--Struck on 2000-P Roosevelt Dime--MS67 NGC
Reserve Not Met

2001 1C Cent--Struck on a 2001-P Dime--MS67 NGC
Reserve Not Met

1935 5C Buffalo Nickel--Struck 15% Off Center--MS65 NGC

Mated Error Pair 1970-S Nickels:
1970-S 5C Jefferson Nickel--Obverse Die Cap--MS67 NGC
1970-S Jefferson Nickel--Double Struck, Broadstruck, Obverse Struck Through Planchet during Second Strike--MS67 6 Full Steps MS67 NGC

2000-D 5C Jefferson Nickel--Struck on a 2000-D Cent--MS66 Red NGC

1973-D 10C Roosevelt Dime--Flipover Triple Struck--PCGS Genuine

1973-D 10C Roosevelt Dime--Obverse Die Cap--MS66 NGC

1999-D Roosevelt Dime--Broad Struck on a Cent Planchet--MS65 Brown NGC

2007-D 10C Roosevelt Dime--Multi-Struck Obverse Die Cap--MS66 PCGS
(2007-D) Roosevelt Dime--Deep Reverse Die Cap--MS62 PCGS
Reserve Not Met

1921 $1 Peace Dollar--Broadstruck--MS60 NGC

1979-P Anthony Dollar--Struck on a Type One Quarter Planchet--MS63 NGC

1922 G$1 Grant No Star Gold Dollar--Obverse Struck Through Grease--MS63 PCGS

1865 $10 Ten Dollar, Judd-450, Pollock-522, High R.6, PR64 Brown PCGS

(Circa 1967) General Motors Pattern Cent, Pollock-4060, R.5, MS63 Red and Brown NGC

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