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James Archibald
Error World Founder

“Around The World”

- Updating Activity In and Around Error World Groups -

In recent weeks new memberships have declined a bit due to the hot weather and outside activities, but activity is still up. The recent ANA show turned out to be a great success as far as the market is concerned.

Our Club Medal design contest is now concluded and judging will begin shortly, and I want to thank all of our members who took time to enter this contest and to actually produce a design. In my opinion, every one of you are winners.

Our membership continues to grow in every forum and I’ll review them for the record here beginning with our main forum Error World 1.

EW1 now has 414 active members and has had it’s 5th month with over 1,000 messages posted. I believe that EW1 is the most active and useful coin group on the Internet today.

EW2 recently passed EW1 in memberships and has become our largest group with 415 current members.

EW3 Variety Coins has been making steady progress and the activity level is good. We currently have 186 member’s enrolled here. Recently we have added a new section here called the Odditorium, for those...unusual pieces, like horned Lincoln Cents and runny nosed Roosevelts! Come check it out, it’s managed by member Frank G. Lamondie aka Glody2 who is well known to all you Yahoo club regulars.

EW4 U.S.Coin Collecting has been our fastest growing area, but it has slowed down a little bit this summer. This is the room to watch though. I predict this will eventually be our biggest area. Current members number 387. Recently, I have promoted Jim Reeves to Assistant Manager in EW4. Also, our manager Wes Walker has returned after being away for some time due to a auto accident, welcome home Wes!

EW5 World Coin Collecting has been the recent leader bucking the trend for new members. This is our newest group, but it’s already attracting a international following with many new foreign coin traders beginning to get involved here. Currently our membership stands at 105 and growing!

In other news, Error World Member Jason Renaud has gotten together with a few other well known variety collectors to form the Shield Nickel Group on Yahoo Groups. It is dedicated to one of the most fun areas of variety collecting and has several noted experts on hand. I recommend this group to anyone interested in this great area for ‘Cherry Picking.’ Click here to visit the group.

All MSN Groups have recently been under attack by porn spammers. Since we have 4 groups currently on MSN, it affects us. I want to assure members that spammers get one shot and then they’re gone. EW has a strict anti-spam policy that we enforce.

Until next time...happy collecting!

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