Spectacular Mint Errors Featured in Upcoming Heritage Galleries Auction

Editor’s Note: The following mint errors are featured in the upcoming Heritage Galleries August 2006 Denver, CO Signature & Platinum Night Auction #414.

1910 $2 1/2 --Struck 5% Off Center--MS65 NGC

2000-P Sacagawea Dollar--Multiple Strike on End of Feeder Finger--MS65 NGC

2000-P Sacagawea Dollar--Struck on an Anthony Dollar Planchet--MS67 PCGS

1797 1C Reverse of 1797, Stems--Double Struck--MS65 Brown NGC

1875 Three Cent Nickel--Double Struck in Collar--PR64 PCGS

1901/0-S $5 Half Eagle--Struck 10% Off Center--AU55 PCGS

1893-O $10 Liberty Eagle--Broadstruck Out of Collar--AU58 PCGS

(1842-52) G$1 A.Bechtler Dollar, 27G. 21C.--Double Clipped Planchet--AU58 PCGS

1853 Victoria Young Head Half Sovereign--Obverse Brockage--MS60 ANACS

1943 Lincoln Cent--Struck on a 1943 Mercury Dime--MS62 NGC

2001-S Jefferson Nickel--Struck on a Cent Planchet--PR64 PCGS

1905 Barber Dime--Struck on a Costa Rica Five Centimo Planchet--XF40 NGC

1941 Mercury Dime Struck on a Netherlands East Indies Ten Cent Plan MS 63 NGC

Undated 50C Franklin Half--Struck on a 1948 Cent--MS64 Brown NGC

1862 1C Indian Cent--Obverse Die Cap--MS67 NGC

1921-S $1 Morgan Dollar--Struck 45% Off Center--MS63 NGC

1904 $20 Double Eagle--Double Struck in Collar--MS63 PCGS

Washington 25¢--Double Struck With Two Reverse Dies and Indent--MS66 NGC

Eisenhower Dollar--Struck on a Clad Dime Planchet--MS63 PCGS

1977-D Eisenhower Dollar--Obverse Die Cap--MS67 NGC

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