Mint Errors, Die Trials & Mules: Prices Realized in Recent Heritage Galleries Coin Auctions

Editorís Note: The following coins sold in the 2007 January Orlando, FL (FUN) Signature Coin Auction #422, the 2007 ANA Charlotte National Money Show Auction, Presented by Robert Korver #432 and the 2007 St. Louis, MO (CSNS) Signature Coin Auction #434.

1891 25C Seated Liberty Quarter--Struck 40% Off Center--AU58 PCGS

1964 50C Kennedy Half--Struck on Clad Quarter Planchet--MS65 PCGS

1795 $1 Flowing Hair, Three Leaves Dollar--Struck 5% Off Center--VF20 NGC

Undated $1 Eisenhower Dollar--Struck on a 3.7 gram Clad Planchet--MS63 PCGS

2000-P $1 Sacagawea Dollar--Struck on a Foreign Outer Ring--MS67 NGC

MULE: 1864 Indian Cent / 1858 Flying Eagle Cent, Judd-362, Pollock-428, High R.7, PR62 PCGS

MULE: 1866 Shield Five Cent / Three Dollar, Judd-531A, Pollock-596, Unique, PR62 PCGS

MULE: 1869 Five Cent / Indian Cent, Judd-691, Pollock-748, Unique, PR64 PCGS

DIE TRIAL: 1795 Draped Bust Half Eagle, Judd-23, Pollock-38, R.8, VF30 PCGS

DIE TRIAL: 1857 Flying Eagle Cent, Judd-187A, Pollock-224, R.8, MS64 PCGS

DIE TRIAL: 1861 Liberty Head Double Eagle, Judd-289, Pollock-347, Unique, PR63 Brown PCGS

DIE TRIAL: 1873 G$1 Gold Dollar, Judd-1332, Pollock-1476, R.8, PR65 PCGS

DIE TRIAL: 1876 $20 Twenty Dollar, Judd-1493, Pollock-1646, High R.7, PwR63 Gilt NGC

DIE TRIAL: 1889 $3 Indian Head Three Dollars, Judd-1756a, Pollock-1970, Unique, PR64 Brown NGC

DIE TRIAL: 1867 $3 Indian Head Three Dollars, Judd-597, Pollock-661, R.8, PR68 NGC

1944-D 1C --Struck on a 1943 Zinc-Coated Steel Cent Planchet--AU50 ANACS

1944-D 1C --Struck on a Zinc-Coated 1943 Steel Cent Planchet--AU55 ANACS

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