Mint Errors & Patterns Featured in Heritage Galleries Auction

Editor’s Note: The following coins are the upcoming 2008 July-August Baltimore, MD (ANA) US Coin Signature Auction #1114.

1859 P1C Indian Cent, Judd-229a, Snow-PT5, Unique--Dual Obverse Mule--MS62 PCGS

1871 Standard Silver Dollar, Judd-1133, Pollock-1270, High R.6 Obverse Double Struck in Collar--PR63 PCGS

1903 MS Louisiana Purchase Three-Piece Cardboard Die Trial Impressions With Pattern Reverse--Judd-A 1903-1, Pollock-3512/3515, Unique--NGC

1982 (1759 dated) Martha Washington Cent-Sized Medalet, Judd-2180, Pollock-4100, R.7, MS63 Red and Brown NGC

(1999) Martha Washington “Dollar,” Judd-2185, Low R.7, MS66 NGC

No Date 1C Lincoln Cent--Struck Five Times--MS66 Red NGC

Undated (19xx) Lincoln Memorial Cent on Bowtie Fragment--MS64 Red and Brown NGC

1964 1C Lincoln Cent--Struck on a Clad Dime Planchet--MS63 PCGS

1964 1C --Lincoln Cent--Multiple Struck. MS65 Red and Brown PCGS

1965 1C Lincoln Cent--Triple Struck, Second and Third Strikes Off-Center--MS64 Brown NGC

1999 1C Lincoln Cent--Three Piece Bonded Die Cap--MS64 Red PCGS

Undated 5C With Cents Liberty Nickel--Double Struck, 2nd Strike 70% Off Center--MS64 NGC

Undated 5C With Cents Liberty Nickel--Obverse Counter Brockage--MS65 NGC

Undated 2C Two Cent Piece--Obverse Struck Through Capped Die--MS64 Brown NGC

1961 5C Jefferson Nickel--Struck 30% Off Center--PR66 NGC

1964 5C Jefferson Nickel--Struck 40% Off Center on a Type Two Dime Planchet--AU58 NGC

1903 5C Liberty Nickel--Struck 65% Off Center--MS64 NGC

1938 5C Jefferson Nickel--Double Struck, 8% Clip and Broadstruck--MS64 PCGS

1914-D 10C Barber Dime--Broadstruck--MS64 PCGS

1975-S 10C Roosevelt Dime--Struck on a Phil 10 Sentimos--PR67 PCGS

1917-S 25C Type One Standing Liberty Quarter--Broken Planchet Mated Pair--AU50 ANACS

1976-? 25C Bicentennial Quarter--Struck Fragment--MS64 PCGS

1963-D 50C Franklin Half--Struck on a Cent Planchet--MS63 Brown PCGS

Undated 50C Kennedy Half Dollar--Struck on a Silver Dime Planchet--MS63 PCGS

1921-D $1 Morgan Dollar--Struck 5% Off Center--AU50 PCGS

1964 50C Kennedy Half--Mated Pair Obverse and Reverse Die Cap--MS65 PCGS

1854 G$1 Type Two Gold Dollar--Curved Clip--MS61 NGC

1849 G$1 Open Wreath Gold Dollar--Broken Planchet After Striking--AU50 PCGS

1901-O $10 Eagle--Obverse Lamination--MS61 NGC

1925-D $2 1/2 Quarter Eagle--Obverse Planchet Laminated--MS64 PCGS

1900-S $20 Double Eagle--Partial Collar--MS61 NGC

1920 50C Maine Commemorative Half--Rotated Reverse--MS65 NGC

1805 $2 1/2 Double Struck AU58 NGC. BD-1, R.4

1944-S 1C --On a Zinc-Plated Steel Planchet--MS66 NGC

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