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Jim Archibald
EW Founder

Around The World - Updating Activity In & Around Error World

Error World Groups continue the steady growth and coin collecting is still a hot topic. The current statistics for EW Groups as of 4/13/04 are as follows...

EW1 - Error World - 460 members
EW2 - Error World 2 - 466 members
EW3 - Variety Coins - 239 members
EW4 - U.S.Coin Collecting - 539 members
EW5 - World Coin Collecting - 146 members
Total - 1,850 Error World Members

Let’s talk! Every collector enjoys chatting about coins with fellow collectors. It is fun mentioning new finds and recent acquisitions to coin collectors. We have live chats almost every night that can be accessed through our MSN rooms. Just click on the "chat index” and it will direct you to the correct room for that evening’s chat.

Good news for world coin collectors and EW! We have a new manager for our foreign coin section, also known as "EW5”. Andrew Brigham, aka ukgeezer, has a hands on approach to the club that is just what the doctor ordered. I’m sure that under his control this group will reach its full potential.

We have also decided to add a graphics section to our MSN groups where we can keep all of the club graphics in one location. The moving has already begun and should be completed before you read this. The new site called "EW Graphics” will be a one stop site for all your graphics needs.

Several new exciting thing are hapening. We will be adding more associate coin groups in the near future. These coin groups are recommended by EW and are a cut above in every way.

Also, several major error & variety books are going to the press. This is going to be a wonderful year for error & variety collectors!

Keep your eyes on those new 2004 Jefferson Nickels, the errors are bringing fantastic prices! Until next time, Happy Collecting!

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