Mint Errors Featured in the 2010 Central States Heritage Auction

Editor's Note: The following coins are in the upcoming April-May 2010 Milwaukee, WI CSNS US Coin Auction #1139.

Republic Gold Pattern 50 Centavos 18-- Struck Over a Chile 1833 4 Escudos MS64 PCGS

Republic Gold Pattern Peso 18-- Struck Over an 1863 Peru 20 Soles MS65 PCGS

1913 Type Two Buffalo Nickel--Struck on a Dime Planchet--MS66 NGC

Bronze Indian Cent--Struck 25% Off-Center--MS64 Brown NGC

1982 Large Date Cent--Struck on a 1981-P Dime--MS67 NGC

1998 Cent--Struck on a 1997 Dime--MS65 PCGS

2001 Lincoln Cent--Double Denomination, Struck on a 2001-P Dime--MS68 NGC

1864 Large Motto Two Cent Piece--Struck on a Bronze Cent Planchet, Medallic Alignment--AU58 NGC

1865 Three Cent Nickel--Struck 25% Off Center--AU58 NGC

1866 Rays Shield Nickel--Struck on a Cent Planchet--XF45 PCGS

(5) NGC-Certified Silver Blank and Planchets

1892-O Barber Dime--Deep Die Cap--AU55 PCGS

1905 Dime--Struck on a Costa Rica 5 Centavo Planchet--XF40 NGC

1912-S 10C Barber Dime--Struck 20% Off Center--VF25 PCGS

1964-D Dime--Struck on a Cent Alloy Planchet--MS64 PCGS

1961 Washington Quarter--Struck on Cent Planchet--MS64 PCGS

1975 Philadelphia Mint Set With Die Adjustment Strike Bicentennial Quarter

1970-S Washington Quarter--Struck on a Struck Philippine 25 Centavos--PR64 NGC

1972-S Quarter--Struck on a 1953 Italian 10 Lire--PR63 PCGS

1976-D Clad Bicentennial Half--Obverse Die Cap--MS66 NGC

1898 Morgan Dollar--Die Adjustment Strike--AU50 PCGS

1921-D Morgan Dollar--Struck 7% Off Center--PCGS Genuine

1976-D $1 Type Two--Double Struck--Second Strike 85% Off Center--MS64 PCGS

1978 Eisenhower Dollar--Struck 40% Off Center--MS64 PCGS

1973-S Eisenhower Dollar--Struck on a Half Dollar Planchet--PR66 NGC

1956 Lincoln Cent--Struck on 10C Planchet 2.5 Grams--MS60 NGC

1969 Lincoln Cent--Struck on a Canada 10C Blank Planchet--MS64 Red NGC

1971-S Lincoln Cent--Struck 70% off Center--MS66 Red and Brown NGC

1997 Cent--Struck Twice, Obverse Die Cap--MS66 Red NGC

1998 Lincoln Cent--Broadstruck Partial Brockage mated with a 1998 Lincoln Cent--Double Struck--MS65 Red ANACS

2000 Lincoln Cent--Mated Pair--MS64-MS65 Red NGC

1999-P Jefferson Nickel--Double Struck Mated Pair Coin #1 of 2--MS63 Full Steps NGC and a Jefferson Nickel--Broadstruck W/Bkg Mated Pair Coin #2 of 2--MS64 Full Steps NGC

1967 Washington Quarter--Straight Clip--SMS MS64 ANACS

1999-D Statehood Quarter Delaware--Struck on 5C Planchet--MS65 PCGS

1999-D Statehood Quarter Delaware--Struck on 5C Planchet--MS66 PCGS

2002-S Statehood Quarter Ohio--Proof Cupped Broadstrike, Clashed Dies Obverse and Reverse--PR62 Deep Cameo PCGS

1964 Kennedy Half Dollar--Struck 10% Off-Center and Cupped--MS65 PCGS

1983-P Kennedy Half Dollar--Double Struck 2nd Broadstruck W/Obv Indent--MS66 NGC

1878-CC Morgan Dollar--Obverse Struck Thru--MS62 NGC. GSA Soft Pack

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