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Al Levy

Other Sales Worth Mentioning

This group of coin/currency errors may not fit into a specific category. Some are the ones listed in books but pricing is absent or out dated. Others are unique errors or multiple errors that are rarely sold. This chart is to try and help the reader find comparable error coins to figure pricing.

I have grouped the errors below in denomination and date order to make it easier for the reader to find what they may be looking for. If coins of errors/varieties are listed on the Greysheet, they will not be found here. Exceptions are coins found in proof/mint sets. Coins removed from the set then sold individually are worth tracking. Some new varieties may be listed. Others have sold exclusively on eBay and are worth mentioning.

Please read my notes associated with the listings. Prices realized could be valued differently if the picture was fuzzy, the description was improper, or planchet problems were omitted. The seller could have listed them in the wrong classification or simply misstated what was being sold. Please note: I am trying to emphasize that this is only a guide.

Here are records of recent sales on eBay from January 1, 2010 to March 31, 2010.

1. All lots had buyers. If the coins actually changed hands is unknown.
2. A picture accompanied each lot or it was not recognized.
3. Blurry pictures or other problems are notated under “observation.”
4. Items mislabeled commanded a small premium.
5. Some lots changed hands more than once.
6. Any scratches, dents or defects notated were either in the description or grading service’s holders.
7. Auction houses that listed these errors were ignored.
8. Shipping charges are not included.

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