Prices Realized in February 2010 Long Beach Heritage Auction

Editor's Note: The following coins were featured in the February 2010 Long Beach, CA Signature US Coin Auction #1137.

1943-S Cent--Struck on a Bronze Planchet--VF35 PCGS

1865 $20 Twenty Dollar, Judd-453, Pollock-526, High R.6, PR64 Brown PCGS

(1842-52) G$1 A. Bechtler Dollar, 27G. 21C., Plain Edge--Double Clipped Planchet--AU58 PCGS
Reserve Not Met

Copper-Nickel Indian Cent--Reverse Die Cap--MS64 PCGS
Reserve Not Met

1864 Copper-Nickel Indian Cent--Struck 15% Off Center--MS61 NGC

Indian Cent--Struck 25% Off Center on a 1.13 Gram Planchet--MS63 Brown NGC

1907 Indian Cent--Struck Through Reverse Die Cap--AU50 NGC

1907 Indian Cent--Reverse Struck Through Capped Die--MS63 Brown NGC

1999 Cent--Struck on a 1980-D Dime--MS66 NGC

2000 Lincoln Cent--Double Denomination, Struck on a 2000-P Dime--MS67 NGC

2001 Lincoln Cent--Double Denomination, Struck on a 2001-P Dime--MS67 NGC

2001 Lincoln Cent--Double Denomination, Struck on a 2001-P Dime--MS68 NGC

1943-S Jefferson Nickel--Struck on an Australian Sixpence Planchet--AU58 NGC

New Orleans Dime--Reverse Die Cap Brockage--AU55 PCGS

1972-S Quarter--Double Struck With Obverse Rotation--PR65 Cameo NGC

1912-D Barber Half--Struck on a 1902 Half Dollar--Fine 15 NGC
Reserve Not Met

1963-D Franklin Half--Struck on a Silver Quarter Planchet--AU58 PCGS

1986 Silver Eagle--Reverse Struck Through Sanding Disk--MS68 NGC

1892 Indian Cent--10% Off-Center With Reverse Indent--VF35 NGC

1893 Indian Cent--Double Struck 2nd Strike 90% Off-Center--AU58 NGC

1905 Indian Cent--Struck 25% Off Center--MS63 Brown NGC

1939 Lincoln Cent--Obverse Brockage--MS64 Brown NGC

1956 Lincoln Cent--Struck on Silver 10C Planchet--XF40 PCGS

1960-D Small Date, Lincoln Cent--Struck on 10C Planchet--AU55 PCGS

1975 Lincoln Cent--Fold Over Strike--MS65 Red and Brown PCGS

1990 Lincoln Cent--Foldover Strike--MS62 Brown NGC

1998 Lincoln Cent--Obverse Die Cap--MS66 Red NGC

1998 Lincoln Cent--Obverse Die Cap--MS67 Red NGC

Lincoln Cent--Mated pair--MS65 Red PCGS

1935 Buffalo Nickel--Struck 10% Off Center--MS62 NGC

1904 Barber Dime--Struck 10% Off Center--MS63 NGC

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