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Jim Archibald
EW Founder

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Error World Groups continue the steady growth we are all familiar with. The current statistics for EW Groups as of 12/10/03 are as follows...

EW1 - Error World - 432 members
EW2 - Error World 2 - 448 members
EW3 - Variety Coins - 208 members
EW4 - U.S.Coin Collecting - 465 members
EW5 - World Coin Collecting - 125 members
Total - 1,678 Error World Members

The big news this time is our medal contest which has been the big thing in EW1. The first thing I’d like to do is to congratulate and thank all of our contestants, who put in a outstanding effort on behalf of the club. The winning designs will be altered as required to fit the needs of the club and the minting process. Now without further delay, the winners for the first Error World Medal design contest are as follows...

Obverse Design Winner:

Reverse Design Winner:
Duane Smith (paganoutlaw)

Duane Smith incorporated the phrase "Truth, Honesty, Integrity” which I think really sums up what EW stands for.

The two winners will receive a special prize as soon as the medals are produced, thanks to the generosity of the Error World club patron and contest sponsor, Mike Byers (

Both designs will be modified to meet our needs before production and the designs may be totally different from the prototypes. One of the winning members, Duane Smith, has offered to help with the final designs that will be submitted for minting.

Starting with the next issue of Mint Error News Magazine, I will be announcing winners of the "member of the quarter” which will be for members who put in a little extra effort and donate their time and energy towards making the club a better place to be. Right off the top of my head I can think of several members that have gone above and beyond the call of duty. I think it’s about time we say thanks publicly.

Stay with us here in Mint Error News Magazine for the latest news and updates from Error World! This is where you should be if you are interested in errors & varieties! Come join us in a club that offers a lot for it’s members and where there are no dues. Just tell us "Mint Error News Magazine sent me!” We’ll be expecting you!

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