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Jim Archibald
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Around The World - Updating Activity In & Around Error World

Error World Groups continue the steady growth and coin collecting is still a hot topic. The current statistics for EW Groups as of 4/13/04 are as follows:

EW1 - Error World - 111 members (system crash)
EW2 - Error World 2 - 501 members
EW3 - Variety Coins - 263 members
EW4 - U.S.Coin Collecting - 608 members
EW5 - World Coin Collecting - 183 members

Total - 1,566 Error World Members

On August 24th 1999 a small group of Internet coin collectors got together in a Yahoo! Club which specialized in error coin collecting. In August 2004 we celebrated out 5th Anniversary and it was a great success. We have many happy members who have or will receive prizes. Here's a list of winners by club name that have already won:

emptyscull2, dlsharp, kdmay48, rwilharm, grasshopper04943, Astronaut_Coin_Collector, andrewsnovell, yobro54, tymothybates, Smitty, Dee, thegasman821, snakebro, dbldeye, loucoins, barberman, rockyphila, Goose, cwperry, ukgeezer61, mickkis010, coinnut4, Jake_Tuba, preacherbear, racegirl032, chuckylucky4, nomorehoneydos, td51730, chuck-1956, kakaratt, jnd1955, JimB, marko72760, poorboycoins, my_errors, wxrbuff2, lalasd4, starbque, desktoplinux, Dinosaur,rottnrog, wheathead58, walkermtmanus, blt_mb.

We also had the following door prize winners in our weekly chat rooms:

Winner Room Prize Donor
work4coins - Grand Prize Winner EW1 Lincoln Cent Fold-over Mike Byers (Patron)
Astronaut Coin Collector EW4 1/10th oz Gold Eagle twobits85
JD1955 Half_Zware's 1972-S Silver Ike MS66 Laz
BrneyedEagle20051 EW4  1961 Proof Set Laz
twobits85 Coin Nuts Place 1974-S Silver Ike MS66 Laz
td51730 EW5 1940 Irish 1P XF Laz
Surok98 EW5 1962 Proof Set Laz

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