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Mike Byers

New 2007 Mint Errors

There have only been a few major mint errors discovered in 2007 other than the missing edge lettering errors on the Presidential Dollar series.

Elliptical clips (coins struck on elliptical planchets) have been found on almost every state quarter struck so far. This proof Utah State Quarter is unique and spectacular for several reasons. It is the only State Quarter known that is struck on an elliptical planchet in proof and also claims the distinction of being the only known U.S. proof coin on any denomination that was struck on an elliptical planchet.

Here is an exciting 2007 Denver Dime multi-struck on Aluminum scrap (the tip of the feeder finger). It weighs 12 grains and is the size of a U.S. Half Dollar.

Several Presidential Dollars are known that were struck on misaligned, or horizontally misaligned dies. This Proof Madison Dollar was struck with misaligned dies and also has a partial collar.

The first full die cap I’ve seen that is dated after 1999! This coin is larger in diameter than a 50˘ and a very deep obverse cap. Wyoming reverse design shows.

This Jefferson Dollar was double struck with rotation. Dramatic doubled torch, arm, SOL, head/profile, etc., + doubled nose/mouth obv. Two known.

Double Struck-1st Strike Off-Center. Similar to other T. Jefferson NGC PF-69 Ultra Proof listed, but more dramatic. Off-Center first strike elements ALSO seen on rim from 3:00-5:00.

Struck Six Times -Broadstruck & Missing Edge Lettering. The 2nd-6th strikes are 10% off-center, and missing the entire edge lettering process due to it being larger in diameter than a normal $1.

Defective Obverse Manganese Layer & Missing Edge Lettering. A very large “void” @ 3:00 obv. This coin is also one of the very scarce Missing Edge Lettering Jefferson $1’s & is UNIQUE.

Reverse Manganese Layer Missing-Missing Edge Lettering. Flaming Red Reverse. Two known.

Struck Four Times Broadstruck & Missing Edge Lettering. 2nd-3rd & 4th strikes are close overlaps approx. 5%-10% O/C, and same as above the coin is also Missing Edge Lettering.

Overlapped Double Strike & Broadstruck. Missing Edge Lettering. A close overlapped Double Strike, but largely Broadstruck 2nd strike, and Missing Edge Lettering due to large planchet size.

Obverse Manganese Layer Missing-Missing Edge Lettering. UNIQUE-Beautiful full red copper core obverse. Only the second known Missing Edge Lettering Madison Dollar.

This Jefferson Dollar has the Obverse Manganese Layer Missing and has Missing Edge Lettering. A great combo error. Very scarce Missing Edge Lettering combined with a copper core obverse!

This Jefferson Dollar has the Reverse Manganese Layer Missing and has Missing Edge Lettering. Beautiful Double Error & good mate to the obverse missing Manganese Jefferson Dollar listed.

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